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А вот о чём будут следующие 3 серии.

4 ноября 2018 серий не будет.

Ep 36:
Title- Bakudan wo Ute! (Fire the bombs!)
Airs- 10/14/18

After Sakuya makes a mistake in a battle with the Gangler, the Gangler monster escapes, and Keiichiro is left in a sour mood. Sakuya takes this personally, and by chance, runs into a salaryman who gives him a "necklace that can take away anger." Sakuya in turn gives it to Keiichiro as a present. Sakuya finds that even if he purposefully tries to make Keiichiro mad, there is no effect. Wanting to use the necklace himself, it turns out that the "gift" is actually a device built by the gangler. As it absorbs feelings of anger, it will eventually become a bomb!

Ep 37:
Title- Kimi ga kaerubasho (You are my place to return to)
Airs- 10/21/18

The Gangler monster, Yadogar Gorhom, appears in the streets of the city. The Lupinranger, followed by the Patranger, appear to confront him. Suddenly, he fires a "Super Return Home Beam" which sends everyone but Kairi back to their homes. Kairi's immunity to the beam is due to his belief that he is truly fighting alone, and has no home to return to. Yadogar uses the beam on himself to escape, and thus Kairi fails to get the collection piece. Simultaneously, Keiichiro and Touma figure out a way to counter Yadogar's powers...

Ep 38:
Title- Uchuu kara no Collection (The Collection Piece from Space)
Airs- 10/28/18

The Lupinranger learn that a hard-to-find, Jumbo Jet-type collection piece, the "Victory Striker" will be flying over a certain mountain. They move to obtain it, but the Gangler have a similar plan, and a Gangler monster ends up taking control of Victory Striker, firing upon the Lupinranger. Noel is set up on the ground to act as backup, and take down the Gangler piloting Victory Striker, but Destra appears in front of him, and Noel is drawn into a dangerous situation...


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